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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Internet Outage FIXED- 05JAN2008 4:40pm

UPDATE: (4:40 pm) Our rack at the data centre and our servers are back online, once again connected to the outside world. Looks like the worst of this is behind us. We'll do a post-mortem and report back about what went wrong at the data centre and how it affected us here at Wireless Nomad.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend on-line,


UPDATE: (3:44 pm) Servers still down-- technicians on-site continuing to repair problems. A rough estimate is that thousands of computers are affected, if it is any consolation, we're not alone. :-( Will keep everyone posted!

Also, thanks to everyone who called in to report and help with troubleshooting. This time it hasn't helped much, but generally its a really good thing to have a group of members jump on something as soon as possible. Keep the feedback and tips flowing!


Hello all: major malfunction with the data centre-- this time, it's not us or the Wireless Nomad servers, but the data centre downtown itself. Technicians from the centre, our rack-space partner TCCP (namely, Dave Wood), and Steve and Ron are on-site as I write this, and service should be back up in a few hours. Will keep you all posted as soon as I know more.

Sorry for the inconvenience,



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