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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wireless Nomad Slashdotted

We've always wanted to be slashdotted, but feared the consequences for the Gentoo servers at Peer1... if WiFi login is a bit slow today, this is probably why!

"Canadian ISP Co-Op Shows Upside of Line Sharing"

Posted by ScuttleMonkey on Friday October 12, @10:38PM
from the grass-roots-muni-wifi dept.

Golden Gael writes "The FCC got rid of mandatory line sharing in the US a few years ago, but it's alive and kicking in Canada, and an interesting article at Ars Technica looks at what can happen when there's vibrant broadband competition. 'Wireless Nomad does things a little differently. The company is subscriber-owned, volunteer-run, and open-source friendly. It offers a neutral Internet connection with no bandwidth caps or throttling, and it makes a point of creating wireless access points at the end of each DSL connection that can be used, for free, by the public. Bell Canada this is not.' The ISP has some ambitious plans for the future, including getting involved in WiMAX."

LINK to Slashdot story


Blogger Jeff said...

I am very impressed by the work done by Damien Fox and his co-founder Steve Wilton.

I have been increasingly frustrated with commercial Internet services in the city of Vancouver for a number of years and have been on the lookout for a viable solution. In my futility, I even thought of attempting to start my own ISP much akin to Wireless Nomad. It is very intriguing for me to be able to explore the ups and downs that Wireless Nomad has run into.

Not only would I like to congratulate on your commitment to the community, but I beg you, please please please come/expand to Vancouver BC! We need you!

Your prospective market may be smaller then expected, but the people in it are smarter and more aware then regular consumers, and I believe in time, your market share will grow as more and more ISPs alienate themselves with Net Neutrality violating 'policies'.

Save me from ISP stupidity,
Jeff Welling.

4:39 p.m., October 13, 2007

Blogger Damien said...

Thanks for the kind words of support! As for BC, hopefully sooner rather than later. Anyone interested in being the local BC Wireless Nomad rep when the time comes? Drop us a line!

11:32 a.m., December 19, 2007


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