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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wireless Nomad in ArsTechnica

Nate Anderson at ArsTechnica has done a great piece on our efforts to "Stick it to l'homme"... Access to incumbent carrier's lines is a real hot-button issue in the US, mainly because they don't have it, like we do here in Canada, and the American part of the internet is suffering for it.

The only thing I would add to Mr. Anderson's work is that we're at Linux Caffe by choice, because it's a cool place... OLPCs, Penguins, WRTs, and grilled cheese all in one. And in this case, Wireless Nomad is my father's ISP-- he was subscriber #3, even though he didn't know it at the time!

"Sticking it to l'homme: Canadian co-op forms own ISP"
By Nate Anderson | Published: October 10, 2007 - 11:58PM CT

Not your father's ISP

Some ISPs simply discourage end users from offering WiFi connections to neighbors; most explicitly rule it out in their terms of service. But a small Canadian ISP called Wireless Nomad actually requires it.

Nomad does things a little differently. The company is subscriber-owned, volunteer-run, and open-source friendly. It offers a neutral Internet connection with no bandwidth caps or throttling, and it makes a point of creating wireless access points at the end of each DSL connection that can be used, for free, by the public. Bell Canada this is not."

Check out the full story at:

LINK to ArsTechinica


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