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Monday, October 08, 2007

Mutiny on the Meraki: Google-backed Firm Ups Prices, Changes Features, Requires Ads

It looks like open-source, user-driven mesh networking and WiFi LANs are more relevant than ever. If Meraki (backed by Google) has given in to temptation, there's not much hope for other companies to resist dictating terms to their user base, either.

Glenn Fleishman writes:

"Meraki has changed its pricing and feature model for its mesh networking system, angering early users: Exiting its beta, Meraki has changed its pricing and service model, while requiring the display of advertising and a piece of the action for handling billing. This abrupt change, announced quietly last week, has resulted in a nascent networker revolt. It may be that early infrastructure builders abandon Meraki because to continue expanding networks, their cost structure has gone way up while control has gone way down."



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