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Thursday, November 16, 2006

UPDATE: Outgoing Mail Server Fixed!

Outgoing Mail Server Fixed!

Send + receive at will, folks... mail is fully back on line!

Most of you affected already know, but the outgoing mail server for Wireless Nomad suffered severe system damage again on Monday, and will be inoperative until next Monday or Tuesday.

This mail server is used for Wireless Nomad internal e-mail, and by several members who signed up long ago when e-mail will still part of the Wireless Nomad service.

Wireless logon and DSL Internet connections should not be affected in any way by this problem.

Our voicemail system, however, relies on the outgoing mail server, so voice mails are not getting to us either, which is really bad. We are considering purchasing a separate phone line with voicemail so there is always a functioning phone contact, that is an additional expense we were hoping to avoid.

In the meantime, please contact us at contact -dot- wirelessnomad -at- gmail -dot- com-- your messages will be answered promptly using this e-mail address until the end of next week, but after that the server will be repaired and standard e-mail will be back, so don't send e-mails to this temporary address as it would no longer be checked frequently at that point.

sorry for the inconvenience,

-the Wireless Nomad team


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