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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beautiful New Server (Finally, some good news...)

Beautiful New Server

A couple weeks ago, Steve and Ron spent the better part of a Saturday installing a beautiful new server at a new hosting facility in downtown Toronto. The server was generously donated by another Wireless Nomad member, and gratefully received as a welcome and needed upgrade to the previous hardware (thank you, Anonymous!).

While the processor is only a Pentium III, its three main advantages lie in 1) the hot-swappable hard drives that will make future repairs much easier, 2) the dedicated hardware RAID controller that will make the hard drive disk access much faster, and 3) automatic synchronization when a replacement hard drive is installed in the case of a failure. The processor is also upgradable, should it become heavily loaded as Wireless Nomad continues to be used more and more by people across the city.

All in all, the new hardware is very graceful, and much more powerful and reliable than what we had before.

The new server hosting facility is also much better, with the new Wireless Nomad server in a cooler, easier to access location. We also have much better on-demand access to our server in the case of a problem, which was something we did not have before without significant difficulty. There is also a technician on-site that can do tasks like hard drive swapping and checking cables as required, which will help reduce downtime in the case of any hardware problems.

-the Wireless Nomad team


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