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Thursday, August 03, 2006

CIPPIC Telecom Policy resource page

CIPPIC Telecom Policy resource page:

Our internet connections are heavily regulated by the Canadian government: CIPPIC in Ottawa, along with its parter organizations, are helping to make sure that regulation works for all of us, not just the big telecom carriers -- helping to keep things like Wireless Nomad possible.

"CIPPIC and its partners focused on issues of concern to ordinary Canadians:

-Ensuring high quality telecom services at reasonable and affordable prices to all Canadians;
-Ensuring the availability of a wide range of telecom services and applications;
-Protecting individual privacy and ensuring network security;
-Preventing telecommunications fraud and deceptive business practices, and ensuring that consumers are not held responsible -for telecommunications fraud that they cannot control; and
-Providing telecommunications consumers with clear rights and effective redress mechanisms in respect of unfair business practices in the telecommunications market."

>CIPPIC Telcom Policy Page/


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