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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

HOWTO turn a $60 Linksys router into a $600 super-router

"An open-source replacement firmware for a $60 Linksys router can give it the functionality of a $600 enterprise device."

Not quite, but close... and not doing as much as a Wireless Nomad box! Wanna blog us again, BoingBoing?



Blogger Steve said...

When I saw that this HOWTO suggested turning up the transmit power as a way to "Boost your wireless signal", I groaned. Turning up your transmit power only allows you to be hear further away, not to hear things further away.

It's kind of like two guys shouting at each other across a noisy street. Let's say guy A gets a microphone and a loudspeaker (= more transmit power), then guy B across the street can hear him much better. But if guy B doesn't also have a mic and speaker, then guy A still can't hear him.

Also, by having a honking loud speaker blaring across the street, the neighbours are probably going to get annoyed. The same things happen with wifi. If you increase your transmit power, you don't increase your effective range and you also annoy everyone else using wifi in the area by making more interference.

What makes more sense is to use higher gain antennas. Antennas amplify (not really, but it's easier to explain ;-) in both directions, so you can transmit further and ALSO receive further.

12:30 a.m., June 08, 2006

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