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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

WiFi problems (again)

good evening, everyone!

Yes, tragically, the WiFi authentication is not working again. It was broken yesterday as well, but Steve spent three hours fixing it last night, and it worked perfectly when we tested it around 10 p.m.

10 o'clock this morning, no go again. Not even sure exactly why -- on top of that, all the servers logs indicate that when people try to log in, they are logging in successfully. However, on the user's end, they do not log in successfully. A technical problem compounded by incorrect technical error reporting on the server -- just for things to be extra difficult!

That said:

1. Steve and I and Ron know the wireless authentication is not working. This is affecting almost every node, often intermittently, meaning that sometimes it is possible login, but not other times. Very frustrating.

2. DSL is still working. If you can reach your router, you can plug-in with an ethernet cable and get online. Inconvenient, but effective. In fact, it's exactly what people are paying $45 a month to Bell and Rogers to have (of course, we want to do better).

3. Please do not call the technical support line to report wireless problems for the next week or so. We know there is a problem, it is affecting almost everybody, and we have a few people already working on troubleshooting, so additional reports are not needed. I'm volunteering my time to make this work, and 20 voice mails about wireless networking does not make it easier. I know people are concerned, and you want to let us know, but rest assured, we know.

4. The people that have already called the technical support line, at least those who have called for wireless authentication not working, thank you for letting us know rather than just being frustrated. Generally, we really appreciate when people call to report problems, as it helps with troubleshooting.

5. Unfortunately, it is not possible to call everybody who has reported a wireless authentication problem by leaving a message on the voicemail line. 10 minutes to call times 30 calls is the better part of five or six hours. It is simply not possible, especially this week.

6. However, if you have a problem with something else -- need to update billing information, the DSL is not working, etc.please do e-mail or call. The e-mails and calls are getting through, and ones that are not related to wireless authentication are being looked after by myself.

That's all for now -- as soon as I/we know more, you all will be the first to know. Updates will be posted to this blog, which of course is also visible on the Wireless Nomad homepage.

have a good night,


Anonymous david rothberg said...

thanks for the update and the effort.

11:10 a.m., January 17, 2007


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